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3sixty is an easy, free service which helps you gather great quality anonymous feedback from your team.

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3sixty was founded by Paul Russell, a professional IT consultant working at Smart421. When he was gathering feedback for his annual appraisal, Paul felt that people were 'dialling back' their honesty because the feedback was never genuinely anonymous. So Paul created 3sixty to allow people to gather truly anonymous, honest feedback on their performance, so that they can become better at their jobs.

Getting good quality feedback on your work is very important. Good feedback helps you focus on improving the right things, working better with others, and being more self-aware and confident at work. Also, a solid portfolio of feedback can serve as evidence of your (naturally stellar) performance to support your next promotion. So better feedback = more satisfaction, more confidence and more money, simple.

This is the essence of 3sixty. Honest feedback... fast.