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3sixty is an easy, free service which helps you gather great quality anonymous feedback from your team.
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What our users say...

Just using for the first time in anger ready for my annual review, and it's ****** great so far - got a couple of bits of feedback in almost straight away with stuff in that will be good to work on and that I hadn't admitted to myself. Anonymous
Really like this (great idea!) and am going to use this with my customers and publicise with my team for them to do similar. Anonymous

What is 3sixty?

A quick and simple way to get great quality 360 degree feedback. All feedback through 3sixty is anonymous, the feedback you get is an honest reflection of how people feel.

A long term archive of all your feedback. We encourage you to collect feedback regularly throughout the year, because that's the best way to learn. But we keep all this feedback on your behalf. When your annual review comes around, it'll be there waiting for you, in one place.

Free, for a limited time. We're still in development right now, if you sign up now, your account will be free forever.

Why 3sixty?

Be better at whatever you do. Getting good quality feedback helps you learn fast and get better at your job, thus affording you better opportunities, more confidence, and improved job satisfaction.

Be self-aware. By understanding what others think of your work, you can put yourselves in their shoes. You'll understand how people view you, and be able to see how your decisions affect your reputation more clearly.

Be recognised for your strengths. Because 3sixty automatically collects all your feedback in one place, come annual performance review time, all the evidence you need is there.